Alex Evans

My yoga practice began as a way to strengthen my body, recover quicker and have more energy for my next outdoor adventure but has grown into so much more. As soon as I began learning about the philosophy behind the practice, I felt like I finally found the language of what in my heart I had always known to be true. For me yoga to me is much more than making shapes with the body, its connecting body, breath, & mind as a doorway to the place of inner stillness that is always present with us all and allows that part of us to ripple out into other facets of our lives, work, creativity, family, relationships and community connection.
Guiding others on this journey for me is where the real joy as a yoga teacher comes from and something I am grateful for in every class that I teach.
“Yin yoga is a way of allowing you to take time to explore your own experience and re-write your own story from deep within, without words or labels, but in the language of the heart”

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Youtube: Galaxy on Trail

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