Nina Hakamies

Hi, my name is Nina. I’m a holistic health and wellbeing coach and I started my yogic journey over 25 years ago. I left my successful career in the humanitarian sector to follow my passion in holistic health. Now, I offer sound healing, yoga, mindfulness and stress release programs to individuals, community groups, organisations and businesses, both in Australia and internationally. I’m a certified sound healing practitioner and offer sound baths to groups, and 1:1 sessions to individuals. I use singing bowls, gongs, chimes, tuning forks, drums, voice (and other instruments) to help people to deeply relax and to awaken their innate healing ability. By serving my community from the heart, I have healed myself at many levels too.
I combine sound, breath, meditation, asanas and nature in a way that raises our consciousness and vibrational energy. When we turn inwards, our mind-body-emotions-spirit gravitates towards greater balance and wellbeing. It is in the deep listening and presence that lies the secret to our transformation.
I’m the founder of Omni Yoga & Mindfulness ( I’m an intermediate level graduate from Knoff Yoga and I have been teaching yoga (dynamic hatha) since 2009. I have a Masters degree in health sciences and am actively involved in my local community to share my passion and to connect with many amazing people. In 2022, I’ve been blessed to expand my sound healing offerings also for the dying, including to hospital settings.

Breathe. Heal. Live.

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