Jane Mallick

Jane Mallick PhD is a dedicated and passionate yogini, who has been practicing yoga for forty years. After a successful career in Social Health Research and Organisational Change Management, Jane found herself in her at a mid-life health crisis point. Ten years ago, she trained as a yoga teacher, specialising in Tantra, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga.   

Jane’s form of yoga has been created out of her profound personal journey of healing. It is a dance between the Yin and Yang and the Shakti and Shiva that dwell within all of us. It is nurturing and sensual, dynamic and strength-building. A gentle and flowing yoga that nurtures and harmonizes the body, mind and emotions, increases health and vitality and awakens creative potential. 

Jane lives in Taradale, Central Victoria, where she is co-creating with her partner Tara Springs: Lifestyle, Healing and Retreats. She offers Devotional Home Yoga online courses and in-person workshops and retreats. You can also work with Jane through 1:1 coaching and mentoring both online and in-person in Castlemaine. For more information on this and all she offers, see www.janemallick.com or follow her on social media 

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