Terrie Dempster

Terrie’s Yoga journey has taken her to many places and seen her undertake many trainings. After completing her initial 200 Hour training, she went on to study children’s yoga with Zenergy Yoga: (Queensland), Vinyasa Yoga: Being Yoga (Queensland), Yin Yoga:  Power Living (Melbourne) Teen Yoga with Charlotta Martinez (UK) and Hatha Yoga: Kashish Yoga (Goa, India). Additionally, her work as a History teacher means that she has a great interest in Yoga Philosophy and is passionate about the study of Vedanta.

“People come to Yoga for many reasons, often these initial reasons change or deepen as they develop their awareness”. Terrie has seen incredible benefits and change that come as a result of Yoga and considers it to be an honour to be part of people’s Yoga journey. It is her deepest wish that Yoga be made available to all those who need it, and strongly advocates for Yoga to be present in all Australian schools. 

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