Denise Davis

A Sound Way of Coming Home’
You are invited to come on a resonant sound journey and experience soothing frequencies of vocal toning and Crystal Singing Bowl.  These frequencies can provide stress relief that calms the mind and provides deep relaxation.

Denise studied sound therapy with Chris James, Dian Booth, Fabien Maman, Tom Kenyon and Joachim Marz. Since 1998 she has facilitated Power of Sound workshops in Victoria, Tasmania and tutored at Adult Education in
Tasmania. Denise has performed at the Mind Body Spirit Festival, Psychic & Wellbeing Festival and the Bendigo Yoga Festival. Denise was a presenter at the World Crystal Bowl Symposium in the Blue Mountains in 2017. She also conducts individual sessions with the monochord sound table, guided imagery, tuning forks and crystal bowl. Denise released a CD entitled “Resonant Sounds” in 2017.

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