Sjha’ra Taylor

Sjha’ra Taylor – the founder of Chocolate Yoga, is a powerful and inspired Kundalini Yoga teacher,
teaching throughout Australia and overseas since 2006. She delights in sharing her passion for
Kundalini Yoga, Sacred Ceremony and the yummiest of all – Chocolate!
Having worked with Yogis, Shamans, and Gurus from around the world for nearly two decades,
Sjha’ra began her apprenticeship with the Chocolate Shaman almost 10 years ago. Through his
guidance Sjha’ra alchemically merged passions and birthed Chocolate Yoga in 2011. Chocolate
Yoga is the unique and yummy synergy of Cacao Ceremony and Kundalini Yoga. She feels this is
the ultimate way to, “Take the journey home to your heart and connect with your true nature!”.
Sjha’ra offers deeply nourishing guidance and has a unique gift for inspiring transformation through
her work. Check her out on http://www.chocolate.yoga


Posted on

January 31, 2020