Anna Sustrinsh

I started my way of exploring my inner nature more than 12 years ago when I saw a destructiveness of my own thoughts. I started working about myself, about positive behavior and immediately saw a positive result. I did o lot of job, finding answers on the questions by myself using meditations, cleaning of my mental space, getting creative ideas, working on the psychological blocks. I started getting a spiritual experience. This process was very interesting to me and I understood the expression “All exist inside yourself” not on the words, but on my own experience. This is true. I decided to go to India to get more knowledge. And I met real yoga in India. Since I started sharing my knowledge with the people. 

Yoga – is not just only asanas. Yoga is a way to a harmonious life.
Yoga came from Sanskrit word Yuj, which means “Union”, “Unity”.Union of our body with the mind, with emotions, with feelings that eventually leads to the union of our individual consciousness with the Universal consciousness. 
There are 2 main levels, where we need to work to bring harmony in our life:

*MIND* – the first

*BODY* – the second
 – to keep the body in healthy and flexible condition. The flexible body leads to a flexible mind! The clean vessel is able to save clear pure energy!

Pranayama – breathing technics to fill up the body of pure energy!

Meditations – to control the mind, reduce the stress, for relaxation, for getting creative ideas, spiritual experience, for understanding our powerful inner nature.

Yoga philosophy – to increase the level of our consciousness.

Altogether is a system that leads you for a positive and harmonious life to feel yourself not as a Homo sapiens but as a HOMO CONSCIOUS.

I use this holistic system in my daily life and help other people. I write different articles about yoga and self-development for differeте resources, like “Yoga Journal”, “Vegetarian” and I work under on own book.

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