Bronwyn Griffith

Bronwyn is the owner of Calm The Wild Ocean and is passionate about empowering others to live their dreams, to become the best version of themselves, and to find their voice. She is a passionate Crone / Wise Woman, and very proud of her age and what she has achieved in her life, and knows her mission on earth is to improve the lives of others.
Beginning her yoga journey with Swami Sarasvati on the TV in the 1970’s, Bron has practiced various forms of yoga, meditation, dance and exercise since then.
Bron is a firm believer in yoga for all. She currently teaches around the Bellarine Peninsula, working with private clients, in studios and community centres, in the disability space, and in Retirement Homes.
Her nursing, massage and holistic health background gives Bron an excellent basis in anatomy and illness, abilities and age-related conditions. As a practicing hypnotherapist, energy healer and intuitive her Meditation and Yoga Nidra sessions are relaxing and invite self-reflection. She is also passionate about yoga myths and philosophy having travelled India and much of Asia many times.

Bron is a dynamic teacher and speaker, often controversial in her subject matter. She may make you uncomfortable, however she will excite you and inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and get moving.
A long-time resident of Central Victoria, Bron is thrilled to be returning to Bendigo and presenting at this year’s Festival of Yoga.

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