Eleni Kidis

My name is Eleni Kidis and I have a private yoga and counselling practice named Yogahari Healing. I am a registered Senior Yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer and yoga teacher mentor with Yoga Australia and have been practising yoga for a long time- almost twenty-five years, and teaching for twenty years. 

Although I was originally trained and certified in Iyengar yoga, both my personal practice and teaching now incorporate elements of yoga asana wisdom from teachers such as Donna Farhi and Doug Keller and the spiritual teachings of non-dual classical Tantra.

I am deeply committed to the path of yoga and the tradition of non-dual Tantra and am currently studying with my teacher Dharma Bodhi. I’m very passionate about including yoga practices in all their forms into casual classes, so the depth and the true goal of yoga is not lost in all the commercialism of it!

I teach yoga asana (postures), pranayama (breath work), yoga nidra (sleep-based meditation) meditation including non-conceptual mediation and visualisations, and yoga philosophy and this year have begun offering my first 350hr Yoga Australia certified yoga teacher training course.

No matter where you are on the yoga path, I feel honoured to be teaching people the basics of yoga to the deeper understanding of our true essence nature.

Expect rich teaching cues that will help guide you experience an asana in all it’s fullness, whilst making space for your individual ability and body type. I can safely say that my classes are dynamic, where asanas are held and each asana is linked to build towards a peak pose.

Always with permission from students, you may experience hands on adjustments as well as the use of yoga props for additional support & restoration.

But it’s not all asana! My classes include chanting, meditation, contemplation and view teachings from non-dual Tantra. My sincerest wish as a teacher is to provide a safe and respectful space for you to explore, cleanse and strengthen your physical body and your heart mind. 

With a steady and committed practice and open and curious mind, this may lead you towards exploring the highest goal of yoga, which in its truest sense is to break through our socially conditioned way of thinking and perceiving, to reclaim our original nature- svasvabhava.

Curious? Join me in one of my classes!



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January 31, 2020