Lynette Cooper

Lynette is a yoga teacher, ayurveda lifestyle consultant, ayurveda day spa therapist, reiki practitioner & master based in Kangaroo Flat, Victoria. With a thirst for knowledge when it comes to practices that can improve the human experience. She considers a holistic approach to health and wellbeing paramount. She works with individuals and groups to help empower them with knowledge of their uniqueness. So, they can with confidence claim their own health and wellbeing.

Her yoga teaching is focused on sustainability. Creating a complete practice that can support individuals as they cycle through the seasons of life. She does this by infusing the principles and practices of ayurveda and reiki into each class. Promoting balance on both an energetic and physical level.

You can find her on the socials as:
Ayurveda.Yoga.Reiki with Netti

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