Priyanka Prakash

Priyanka began her yoga journey in 2010 to develop a kinder relationship with her body as she was recovering from a back injury. What she found was that it allowed her to gain a better insight into her body and took her deeper into her consciousness.
She made the decision to become a certified Vinyasa yoga teacher and her experience in this training changed her life and expanded her nurturing, loving and compassionate nature. She became a certified yoga teacher in Switzerland, and has since taught yoga to varying age groups including those recovering from injury and has been blessed to teach at a prestigious health and rehabilitation centre in Geneva, Switzerland.
She has 10 years’ experience in teaching meditation and is certified in both prenatal and postnatal yoga techniques. She believes that yoga and meditation are a gateway into transformation; awakening the deep intelligence within all of us.
Priyanka’s mission is to inspire people to grow and shine in their own way believing in the power of self-love, acceptance and compassion. Through her yoga classes, she teaches people how to consciously breathe and connect with their body, and take agency in deciding what postures do and do not work for them. Her aim is to create an inclusive, friendly and loving environment for people to practice yoga especially if they are new to this journey.

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