Vera van der Slot

Who am I? What is my purpose in life? Questions that came up in Vera from an early age. Vera had the feeling that the universe had something else in mind for her.

It still took Vera many years to finally admit to herself that she couldn’t live the life she was living. Until she reached the point that her fire slowly burned out, and she fell very deep. She sees now that she needed to fall so far in order to wake up, to see the light. She started travelling and discovered other ways of living that sparked her heart.

Yoga came on her path and changed her life. When she was on her mat, she finally allowed herself to be herself, to accept her body, to fully feel her emotions, to be in her heart and just be. And from that moment on she knew she couldn’t go back to her life in the Netherlands. She needed to follow her heart and the spark that she felt in her heart, the feeling of finally being alive. She travelled more and lived in a beautiful spiritual community in Sweden, a place that for the first time felt like home.

Yoga became her daily practice, her way of living. She fell in love with Traditional Hatha Yoga, a practice rooted in the heart, so much more than a physical practice. And she felt that she wanted to share this with the world because yoga brought her back to life, and back home into her heart.

She completed two Hatha Yoga teacher trainings and started teaching in her community in Sweden. And now she is here, living in a beautiful place, blessed with an amazing community. When life is flowing and she follows her heart, she knows she is doing the right thing. And at this point in her life, this is exactly where she needs to be. She is looking forward to meeting you on the mat and sharing her practice from her heart with you. Know that you are welcome as you are, you are perfect.


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July 6, 2022

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