Louise Tan

Yoga has been in the background since Louise was in her 20s, but it would be another 25 years before it became an important part of her life. Never one to enjoy the gym, Louise wanted to ‘do some exercise’ and began to tap into the practice as a way of building strength and incorporating purposeful movement into her day. She didn’t expect her yoga classes to be such a welcome escape from her busy life and overactive mind. 

Over the past decade, yoga has become Louise’s best friend – like someone you want to spend time with; someone who brings out the best in you. She now enjoys a consistent and evolving personal yoga practice that has helped her to harness her mind, to gain strength and to build confidence. Passionate about sharing the joy of yoga with others, Louise completed her 250 hour Tantric Vinyasa Flow training and her classes focus on building resilience and self awareness. She seeks to share the wonder of self-observation and to explore with you a taste of inner tranquility through mindful connection with the body.

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