Renee Italia

As a Yoga Teacher and Integrative Health Practitioner,  Renee lives by the mantra ‘Connect your Body Connect your Life’

Renee was drawn to yoga over 10 years ago when living a high paced lifestyle overseas. It didn’t take her long to experience the energy shift in the mind/body connection and that ‘Aaahhhhaaa’ feeling you get as you awaken from savasana. Renee credits yoga for bringing her back to her child like intuitive wisdom.
It was this magical feeling that landed Renee on a quest to India where she completed her first 200hr yoga teacher training. While she never intended to teach yoga, she found herself leading friends through practices in her lounge room. It was here Renee’s mission to create spaces for people to Rebalance Naturally sparked into creation, shifting her life’s study and work into the Health and Wellness space.
After many years of holding space in Melbourne, Renee made the leap to move closer to nature where she now calls Inverloch home with her husband and business bestie. Today Renee continues to offer spaces in a hybrid capacity online/in-person coaching models, integrative health consultations, workshops and retreats.
Renee’s integrative approach, make her sessions accessible to everyone. You can learn more about Renee’s by following at @rebalancenaturally

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